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The school follows the curriculum prescribed by the CBSE, New Delhi. The courses are designed to give theoretical and practical skills needed for a successful career in future. The courses are delivered through laboratory classes, demonstrations, project works and workshops by highly qualified members of the staff. The students are assessed by different types of coursework including written assignments, seminars, poster presentations, debates, dramatics and examinations which are parts of the present evaluation system. English, Malayalam and Hindi are taught as first, second and third languages respectively. In addition to the languages, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Moral Science, General Studies, Computer Science, Accountancy, Economics and Business Studies are a part of the curriculum. Academic performance is important for many reasons. It can open the door to opportunities and pave the way for future success, both in higher education and in the profession. However, we believe in a value-based International education.

Learning To Learn

Every child is unique. Each one has different pace of learning which needs to be discovered by the school. Therefore, we strive to understand and fulfil the individual needs of each and every learner.

The School provides them with a stimulating environment to bring out the best in them. We have an education system that builds the character of our students and empower them in all aspects of mental, physical, emotional, social, moral and spiritual growth.

Positive Environment

The ultimate learnings in a student is much influenced by the surroundings they live in. The salubrious atmosphere and naturally conditioned climate of Wayanad provides the best surroundings to live and to learn. To make learning all the more effective and long lasting, the school infuses the environment with positivity, the students thus treat positivity as their companion

Platform To Explore Oneself

With a view that each student has latent potential and aspires to get the best in the chosen field, we not only guide students for their academic excellence but also contribute to their overall personality, co-curricular and life skill development.

Outing For Refreshing The Minds

Wayanad district is an edge of the Deccan plateau of South India with luxuriant forest cover and receives the maximum amount of annual rainfall compared to other regions of the state. Waterfalls, mist covered valleys, spice plantations ranges, wildlife sanctuaries that surround the school campus provide a wide opportunity for frequent outing. The school organizes periodic visits during weekends/holidays to these God’s gifted places to energize and refresh the students from the stress or rigorous academic activities.

Courses For Competitive Exposure

The courses are comprehensive yet simple to match the potential of the students and are ever evolving to match the changing patterns of the competitive examinations for Science, Commerce, Social Science and professional education in internationally reputed institutions.