Our School

Situated in Wayanad in north Malabar, a district blessed with nature's diversity and beauty embodying the inimitable biosphere of the Western Ghats, our campus is just three kilometres away from the historic town of Sultan Bathery on the National Highway leading to Mysore, a two hours drive away. Established in 2001, ours is a Senior Secondary School affiliated to C. B. S. E., our academia comprises a widely experienced Principal directing a diversely qualified and experienced Teaching staff mentoring a student cohort of over 1,500 students through exciting journeys of discovery and learning. Our belief that every student is gifted in many different ways, and that when motivated they strive to reach for the sky, has been continually vindicated by their exemplary curricular and co-curricular achievements across a range of academic and life skills over nearly two decades. Ever evolving by taking on board contemporary approaches and practises in scholastic and life-building pursuits, we look with confidence to an exciting future for our students and faculty, as we extol learning as a way of life.