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The school has arranged hostel with mess facilities for both boys and girls. It is a home away from home that provides comfortable living in a hygienic atmosphere. Events are scheduled to make students to manage their time, to fulfill their assignments, and to find enough time for recreation and relaxation. Personalized supportive supervision is rampant all the time

Supervised study arranged for students in the morning and evening sessions brings the students to the stream of regular learning. Simple opportunities are at the disposal of the students to make use of the extensive collection of books, periodicals and CD's available in the library.

From the day of admission to the hostel, the students will be under the care and love of the concerned warden and Matron. The hostel rules and regulations apply to all borders and their parents. The rules are intended to develop good and healthy habits among students.

The following rules and regulations are to be properly read by both the student and the parent and should bring a signed copy at the time of joining the hostel.


Students as well as their parents should be aware of these rules and regulations and should follow them strictly

  1. Three passport size photographs of the students should be submitted along with hostel application as well as a family photo of size 5*5 cm with the student sitting in the centre.
  2. The parents would be issued an identity card and would be allowed to meet the students only after showing the ID card to the wardens or the concerned authorities. Any other relatives would be entertained only after the permission being grated by the principal which should be obatined by sending an email ti the hostel ID: [email protected].
  3. At the time of admission all students are to remit hostel the first term hostel fee and a deposit of 3000 Rs. The second term hostel fee and third term hostel fee are to be paid on or before the dates mentioned .
  4. Those who have any inconvenience in paying the fees in time may deposit enough amounts in ward's account in advance.
  5. Students should not receive any visitors or go out of campus without the permission of the wardens.
  6. The hostel fee has to be transferred in the name of The Greenhills pUBLIC School maintaining account in IDBI bank, Sulthan Bathery branch. Below are the particulars of the branch.                                                                                                                                  
    A/C No: 1708104000015880
    IFSC : IBKL0001708
    MICR: 673259252
  1. Mattress and cot will be provided in the hostel. However, students should bring pillow, bucket, bedsheet, blanket etc.
  2. Students will not be permitted to leave the campus unless their parents make a special request to the Principal and sanction it. Boys below Std. IX and girls do not have this option to leave the campus without an authorised escort.
  3. Students can be taken home for holidays as per the schedule issued by the school on the reopening date.
  4. Parents are requested not to take their wards on working days to attend marriage, house warming and other functions.
  5. Parents should get out pass signed by the Warden while going home for holidays.
    Parents can contact their wards over phone between 4.30 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. on the days allotted to each child. ISD callers can call their wards on Sundays between 4.00 p.m. and 5.00 p.m. on wardens' number.
  6. Wardens should not be disturbed by parents by calling them on unimportant matters and no calls will be entertained after the allotted time and any emergencies can be informed by sending a mail to the hostel mail or message to the wardens phone..
  7. All telephone calls and letters will be under the surveillance and control of the warden.
  8. Hostelers should not wear gold ornaments and other valuables in the hostel.
  9. Hostelers should not keep valuables, jewellery and cash with them. Money transactions among students will not be permitted.
  10. Students should not keep more than three pairs of dress, other than their school uniform, in the hostel.
  11. Mobile phone, walkman etc. are banned in the hostel and will be confiscated if found on any student.
  12. Students should keep modesty, decency and decorum in their behaviour, dress and hair style.
  13. Students are not expected to damage any property of the hostel or of any other students. Any one indulging in any such activities will have to make good the loss in addition to facing other punishments. This will be levied individually or collectively as the case may be.
  14. Students are not allowed to keep money with them. If brought it must be deposited in the school office, which they can withdraw, time to time when it is needed.
  15. Food will be provided honouring the students' general interests and no catering will be done on individuals' option. Anyhow, special nutritious drinks will be supplied on payment of the required charges there to.
  16. Bringing food and other eatables to the hostel from outside is totally forbidden.
  17. Medical treatment charges, if incurred at all, are to be paid by parent in 15 days.
  18. Students suffering from infectious diseases or severe emotional syndromes will not be allowed to stay in the hostel. They will return to hostel only after full recovery from their ailments.
  19. Students should attend the morning and evening sessions of supervised study punctually.
  20. Students should be keen on coming back to hostel after holidays on the stipulated dates itself. The students should be accompanied by the parent and should produce medical certificate, if not reported in time to hostel. Those who fail to do so will be subjected to stern actions.
  21. Combined study will not be permitted during supervised study time.
  22. Students will be permitted to sleep in their own bed only.
  23. Students should avoid wearing things or garments of others.
  24. Student is responsible for the safety of his belongings in the hostel.
  25. Students may contact the Principal or warden for any problem without any hesitation.
  26. Hostelllers will follow the daily routine of the hostel and school unless exempted on medical grounds or recommendation of the hostel warden.
  27. Students will be punished for scribbling graffiti on the walls/ furniture, usage of foul language, unruly movement in the corridors.
  28. Hostel accommodation is allotted purely at the discretion of the school management.
  29. Decisions taken by the school and hostel authorities for the best interests of the well being and the development of the students should be complied by the parents.
  30. Hostel students will follow the daily routine of the hostel and school unless exempted on medical grounds on recommendations of a doctor.
  31. Electric kettles, heaters, irons, transistors, record players or any other electronic appliances are not to be used in the dormitory.
  32. Expensive parties to celebrate birthdays are not allowed.
  33. Parents are required to get the students' boarding number stitched on each clothing item the student has.
  34. Boarders are provided with bed, cot and rack in the dormitory. Each boarder must maintain utmost cleanliness under his/her cot and rack.
  35. Racks should be arranged neatly. Surprise checks will be made by wardens/ teachers. Any extra items, other than those specified in the hostel kit will be confiscated.
  36. Keeping eatables in the dorms is unhygienic and is strictly prohibited.
  37. Hostellers should not eat anything from the tiffin of day scholars
  38. Students in the boarding are medically examined by qualified and experienced doctors.
  39. Parents will be informed to take their child home in case of any contagious diseases like mumps, conjunctivitis chicken pox, measles, jaundice etc. as per doctor's instruction.
  40. The hostel is allotted on one year basis.
  41. The students should keep a minimum deposit of 3000 Rs in the school office as deposit
  42. The student should adher to the school uniform code during the school days and on sundays they should dress in a modest and disciplined way.   


  1. An identity card will be issued to each parent/local guardian. No parent/local guardian will be permitted to visit their wards without the identity card.
  2. In case of any emergency, visits can be arranged with the special permission of the Principal if he feels it urgent.



  1. Boarders will enter the dining hall and behave in a disciplined and civilized manner.
  2. No student will enter the dining hall other than meal's time.