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The seed that was sown over one and a half decades ago has grown up into a vast canopy of shade to thousands of academic aspirants and is still growing. The one who had sown this seed was Late V.N Gopalan. He had been the milestone of The Greenhills for more than ten years. His ambition grew from his green fields to The Greenhills, he had been inspiring young minds. Born in 1941, he always believed that only through education, a society can be brought up. He also believed in the principles of Sree Narayana Guru. He transfigured his ideas through the Meenakshi Charitable Trust, in the view of spreading the light of education to all. He had also set up Valummel Teacher Training Institute. He had thus won the hearts of many. It was with this love of people, and a passion to uplift the society; he could make this institution a successful one. His service to the school and society was mind throbbing. Passing away on December 31st, 2008, his death ached the hearts of society. Being such a role model, it is a great loss. He's still being remembered and honored for all his lifetime achievements.