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Campus Chairman

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"- Nelson Mandela. 

The Meenakshi Charitable Trust has been pioneering a whole new era of education in the district of Wayanad with propitious initiatives and ventures. The Trust commenced its functioning in the year 2000 under the guidance of the founder trustee Late V.N.Gopalan. The trust was dedicated to the memory of his wife Late Meenakshi Gopalan. The trust comprises of the Chairman Mr.V.G.Surendranath and five other trustees namely Mr.V.G.Biju, Mr.T.G.Rejith, Mr.E.G.Raju, Mr.V.M.Valsan and Mr.E.Janardhanan. The Greenhills Public School and the Valummel Teachers Training Institute are the flagship Ventures of the Trust- an icon of the modern education. Philanthropy of the Trust has been staged in multiple ways and it includes the Scholarship of 1 lakh Rs every year including provision of study material for the year 2005-06. The generous hands were also directed to selected schools to fund the entire furnishings . The Trust then provided many other educational institutions with library books and newspapers for highlighting the significance of literary knowledge . The repercussions of these benevolent deeds have made the Trust's reputation higher. Lately, the Trust has been the source of three scholarships for the socially and economically backward classes of the society. The Meenakshi Charitable Trust has been guided by altruism since its formation. The trust's future actions are intended to change the whole social and educational landscape in Wayanad. The Greenhills Public School is the first initiative of the trust. The school in its 15 years of service has managed to establish itself as one of the most reputed schools in the state. The school believes in the philosophy that ‘ Every child is gifted in their own way' and strives to make sure that the child will reach their maximum potential. Over the years we have managed to show our strengths by putting our students in some of the most prestigious colleges and companies in the world. We are proud to boast that our alumni are scattered across all sectors ranging from medical, engineering, banking, entertainment, education etc. We have started our journey and we have a long way to go, but in this time and in future we promise to deliver the best t the society.

Mr.V.G.Surendranath (Chairman)