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Alumni Speaks

When I look back to my days at The Greenhills Public School, I see a phase of transformation and development. I joined the school in 2009, and since then, till my graduation, the school has never dissapointed me. This school does a marvellous job of identifying talent in students, and providing all the help and support in nurturing it, without compromising on academics. Over the last few years, the school has become arguably, one of the best in Kerala, with modern infrastructure, an excellent academic and extra-curricular track record, and a group of highly qualified and sincere teachers. The hostel life for two years moulded me into a disciplined and responsible individual, which was the only reason that I could easily adapt to different places and different cultures after coming over to college. The hostel also gave me a couple of amazing friends and memories for life. Academics are the foundation for the success in any premiere institution for higher studies, and I owe all my success in entrance and engineering exams to my teachers who taught even the most complex topics at the grass-root level. I’ve lost the count of the number of practise tests we’ve written, the number of special classes and doubt clearing sessions we’ve attended, and the number of academic and entrance counsellings we have received. This isn’t just a school, it is a life-changing experience!

Jaseel Muhammed Keloth
Batch of 2013
IIT (BHU) Varanasi

My time at The Greenhills Public School has been a wonderful chapter in my life, whose memories will stay with me till the end of time. Apart from being a great place to learn, the school also gave me the opportunity to excel in all spheres of a student’s life, be it cultural, physical, scientific or social. Above all it was the place that helped me forge my purpose in life and springboard into achieving that dream. Today, on the doorsteps of graduating from IIT Kharagpur, and starting my career as an investment banker with Deutsche Bank, I look back with pride and gratitude to the school that made me what I am today.

Noel Mathew Paul
Batch of 2012
Department of Civil Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

When I joined the school I harboured doubts about my ambition to become a doctor. Several people had told me that it was a path taken by many but few made it to their desired destination. But what struck me in my school years was the immense guidance and support given to me by teachers and parents — not one spoke about how difficult it would be. Rather, they enabled me to train my mind in such a way that I didn’t face any. Thanks to their support, I reached my chosen destination.

Govardhan Das S
Medical College, Calicut

“Dr” — one day I’ll have those wonderful letters before my name! In retrospect, I think nothing could be truer. After my Class X, I was lost in a myriad options and unsure of what I wanted to do. Everyone said that even a genius wouldn’t make the grade for IIT or MBBS with just a few years of coaching for Plus 2. Then I walked into The Greenhills School and was immediately struck with the personal attention — why, affection, as we were just 30 students rather than a crowd of a hundred — given to me. I’m here today thanks to the school’s ever loving teachers, guiding and motivating me ceaselessly, most importantly not to memorise answers to questions, but to learn how to learn. I thank the school’s vision and efforts and am proud to be one of Greenhills’ alumni.

Prabanand E P
Govt Medical College, Calicut