School Song

School Song Greenhills is an institution true,
Greenhills, we are proud of you.
Greenhills we love you…
Surrounded by the tall green trees,


Brushed by cool gentle breeze, Lies our school so fair
And adorned like a jewel so rare.
"Hurrah!Hurrah"to the Greenhills,
"Glory!Glory!" to the Greenhills.


In the wondrous townof Wayanad,
Stands my school tall and proud,
Symbol of devotion,development and dedication
Brings success ,joy and appreciation.
"Hurrah!Hurrah"to the Greenhills,
"Glory!Glory!" to the Greenhills..


You gave us strength to overcome our emotions,
And courage to our fulfil our task with devotion.
Sharing the burden of our country,
Marching steadilytowards prosperity.
"Hurrah!Hurrah"to the Greenhills,
"Glory!Glory!" to the Greenhills.

The Greenhills Public School, Sulthan Bathery, Moolankave P.O, Wayanad (Dt), Kerala - 673592
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