The school is known for its co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, holistic education and good discipline. Many co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are available for students to participate throughout the academic year. Our co-curricular and extra-curricular activities include quiz, recitation, elocution, debate, short story writing, art & craft, making charts and models, mental mathematics, music, dance, drama, sports, games, charity work, organization of exhibitions, celebration of festivals, etc. These activities cater to the cultural, social and aesthetic development of students.


The school has bands and they steal the limelight during the Sports Day celebrations and other important state functions in the school. These units are administered and trained by professional band masters The students learn to play these instruments from Class IV.


Music is an important co-curricular activity. The Music Department has a number of programmes scheduled for all students and offers a wide variety of music study instructions in both Western and Indian categories. We are well aware that the magic of music has enormous impact on the imagination of young minds.

Our music teachers regularly take music classes and students are trained in a wide variety of Indian and Western musical instruments. There are opportunities for several recitals as well as performance during the year with the school musical groups at various venues.


Students are taught the diverse forms of the classical Bharatha Natyam and also the various folk forms that flourish in different parts of India with distinct cultural and aesthetic appeals.

We aim to bring together classically-trained dancers and at the same time encourage the rich folk culture of our country. The students are exposed to several classical dance forms in the inter-house Arts competition conducted for the Middle School, High School and Higher Secondary School. The students performed Kathak, Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam and Mohiniyattam to name a few.


Selected members of staff and students of senior classes work each year as Members of the Editorial Board to help bring out the School's many publications, each with a different focus, but all of which mirror the life on campus.

The Greenlet, the school magazine, is the yearbook of the school. puzzles, maths tricks & games, articles on different topics, humour, great quotes, photographs and works of art of our students. This annual publication is an endeavour of our students and teachers to showcase the talent of our students.


The school give importance to the working of the various clubs as it believes that it will bring out the leadership and develop a sense of team work among the students. The school has more than 15 clubs to develop each individual and students from 5th std should be part of atleast 1 club. Some of the clubc include Tourism Club, Dramatics, Quiz and Debating Society, Commerce Club, Science Club, Nature club etc

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