All the students must abide by the rules and regulations. Norms and ethics of the institution. Disciplinary action will be taken against the students violating the rules.

Conduct and Discipline

  1. It is the discretion of the principal to decide under what condition a student should be admitted, retained or dismissed.
  2. In all matters pertaining to student's behavior, the welfare of the students, promotion ,detention, suspension or dismissal, the principal's decision is final and binding on all the students and parents.
  3. If the principal is satisfied that a student had indulged in any kind of unwholesome practice, disobedience and disrespect towards teachers and other school staff and authorities, malpractice at tests/examinations, immoral behavior in or outside the school or any activity which the principal considers detrimental to the school and its future, he/she will be immediately dismissed from the school.


  1. Regular attendance, good conduct, and consistent performance throughout the year are indispensable condition for any award.
  2. Pupils failing in written examination subjects, do not qualify for an award.
  3. Pupils not writing an examination do not qualify for any reward
  4. A certificate of academic excellence is given to the students who obtain the highest total in every standard.
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